Bristol Baptist College

We are so blessed to have Bristol Baptist College located in the heart of our region here in the West of England.

The College’s purpose is to share in the mission of God in the world through the formation of competent, passionate, spirit-filled and evangelical people for different forms of Christian ministry, and we’re delighted that every year a number of lay people, ministers in training and those looking to develop particular areas of study from churches in Webnet choose to do so at Bristol Baptist College.

Equipping Missional Disciples (EMD)

One of the things we’re passionate about is helping to equip people to join in with God’s mission to make disciples. We recognise that God calls everyone, not just those in paid ministry roles and so we want to help believers to develop their skills, understanding and courage to be those disciples who go on making disciples for Jesus.

EMD is a learning community designed for church leaders, those testing a call to pastoral ministry, anyone wanting to dip their toes into academic theology or simply wanting to have their thinking expanded. It’s taught at Access level, 8 Saturdays a year. Students can audit (sit in) or do assignments for credit.

If you would like to know more about EMD at Bristol Baptist College or you would like to encourage someone in your church family to explore this, you can find out more on the college website here. You’re also welcome to contact our Regional Minister Lindsay Caplen, who is also the coordinator of community learnig there,  for a conversation.

Please see the dates of the course below. All sessions are run in person at Bristol Baptist College, The Promenade, BS8 3NJ.

EMD students – Each module for EMD students costs £65 (this includes attendance for 2 Saturdays plus notes and tutor support, as well as assignment marking and feedback, and course certificate on completion).

Saturday Students – (those not registered for the full EMD Course) – £20 for each Saturday attended. Each module consists of two Saturdays.

Applicants are encouraged to approach their churches for assistance towards the cost of the course.

If you are using this course towards local recognition as a Lay Preacher or Pastor then you must first apply to your Regional Association who will interview you and refer you to the College to begin the course.

For bookings, please contact Pavla:

Pastoral Care & Equipping – 23rd September 2023 & 14th October 2023

God’s Big Picture – Understanding The Old Testament – 11th November 2023 & 13th January 2024

God’s Unfurling Promises – Understanding The New Testament – 3rd February 2024 & 24th February 2024

Missional Leadership In A Baptist Context – 23rd March 2024 & 27th April 2024

For more information check out the website here.