In 2012, someone told Brendan Conboy that he could never be an author. Although the flippant remark did initially prevent this Stroud-based, Christian author from writing, he fought against the odds and published his first book in 2015. ‘The Golden Thread’ is Brendan’s biography (part one).

Against even greater odds, Brendan has now published his 15th book called, ‘I’m Still VALUED – You’re still valued.’ This is the author’s continuing biography and it is packed full of stories of courage and overcoming when faced with adversity.

The stories are a challenge to read but they are real. Brendan is openly frank about his health struggles, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. He shares his battles of nearly dying four times and of being on a life support machine twice.

Perhaps the most fascinating chapter of the book is the one that tells of Brendan’s experience of being on the approach road to Heaven – the often talked about Tunnel of Light.

“I had an indescribable peace,” says Brendan. “I had heard stories of people that had been to this place or similar and now I know what it is like. As a Christian, I believe in Heaven but never imagined having a foretaste of what is to come. Heaven is real, and I hope that the readers of this book will find all of the stories real, relevant and relational.”

The official launch date for ‘I’m Still VALUED’ is Wednesday 29th November. If you would like to join the online launch at 7.30pm UK time, visit Brendan’s website.

Find ‘I’m Still VALUED’ on AMAZON HERE.

Brendan is available for interviews. or phone +44(0) 7980 404873