webnet Trustees

The WEBA Trustees (who were previously referred to as the WEBA Executive), are responsible for the management of the Association, with legal responsibilities:

  • To ensure the good management of the association
  • To ensure all that is legal requirements of a charity is done honourably and correctly
  • To hold accountable all the staff of the association
  • To provide a means of accountability for and to cluster facilitators

Current Trustees:

Rev. Nigel Coles (Senior Regional Minister)

Rev. Steve Robinson (Chair of Trustees, Gorse Hill Baptist Church)

Mr. Philip Poole (Finance Trustee, Cirencester Baptist Church)

Rev. Steve Finamore (Bristol Baptist College)

Mr. Graham Sims (Counterslip Baptist Church)

Rev. Steve Christian (Clarence Park Baptist Church)

Rev. Simon Gray (Bratton Bapist Church)

Paul Salmons (Milton Baptist Church)

Trustees are appointed for an initial three year period of service.