Churches Together in Clevedon formed the Clevedon Chaplaincy Team in 2018 to serve the retail and business communities in the town, to be alongside people in their everyday lives and to be a pastoral Christian presence in the workplace.

You may recall our article about the team in WEBA News at the time.

Since then they have continued to build relationships with local businesses including Clevedon’s weekly market in the town square.

Clevedon Market recently offered the team a market stall free of charge, and when it reopened on June 4th after weeks of lockdown, the Clevedon Chaplaincy Team stood alongside other market traders to welcome visitors and shoppers back into the heart of the community.

The team gave away copies of Mark’s Gospel as well as copies of the HOPE Spaces prayer card to encourage people to bring their concerns to God.

Clevedon Baptist Church’s Senior Minister Antony Wareham said ‘We have booked a weekly market stall in Clevedon Market and our chaplaincy team will be there to talk, listen and support people. We have also organised how we can make the foyer of our church a HOPE Space, with social distancing taken into account, as soon as we are able to open up!

We are praying that many people in our community will meet with Jesus as we engage in mission.’

Click here to find out more about the Hope resources the team are using.