Tom English, Youth Worker at Hanham Baptist Church, has contacted us to enthuse about the children’s holiday club they organised this year. If your church tried something that worked well this summer, we’d love to hear from you at

“Holiday Bible Club is always a great time for us at HBC when the whole family pulls together”

At the beginning of August we transformed our Church into the Central Library of Ancora and welcomed nearly 100 children every day to become Guardians of the city on our ‘Scripture Union Guardians of Ancora Holiday Bible Club’. The club was based around the amazing platform game that ‘Scripture Union’ has produced which is designed for children and families to experience the Bible like never before.

The whole aim is to become a ‘Guardian’ by discovering and unlocking the lost stories (of Jesus) to save the city. If you’ve not come across it, look out for it. It’s free to download, works on most devices and is such a good children’s and families resource. That being said we’ve discovered all sorts of people from within the Church family playing it, including the ‘shall we say’ slightly more mature in age (not during sermons though of course).

The actual week itself was full of fun and games, worship, sweets and drama, crafts, storytelling and more sweets, bible teaching, a bouncy castle and of course even more sweets! We always conclude the week with a family BBQ on the Friday evening and were blessed with some glorious sunshine this year as we met with parents and whipped the children up one last time with a few messy games.

Holiday Bible Club is always a great time for us at HBC when the whole family pulls together, from those collecting bits for the crafts before the club, to those helping design and transform the Church, to those spending time with the children and those who are on the premises or at home surrounding us with prayer. There are countless people who come together to make it happen and we’re so great full that we can share the vision together. It’s a wonderful week for the children, a wonderful few hours rest each day for their families, a wonderful place for our young people experimenting with new/honing old skills and it’s a wonderful opportunity/ privilege for us as a Church.