Between Easter and Pentecost we’re encouraging one another to find new ways to show and tell the good news of Jesus.

Here’s the second of our weekly animated challenges, designed to share with your church on Sunday 23rd April, or any time via social media.

During week 1 we were challenged to simply invite a friend for coffee, to see a film, or to watch a match at the pub. You might have done that without thinking about it!

Week 2 is just as easy. Pray – every day – for an opportunity to ask a deep question this week. Let the Holy Spirit take it from there.

You can download the video directly from our vimeo page, or view and share it here:

50 days of good news week 2 from Ruth Whiter on Vimeo.

Week 3’s animated challenge will be available when WEBA update goes out on Tuesday 25th April.