This year we will be publishing 7 animated challenges to help your church show and tell the good news of Jesus between Easter and Pentecost.


All the challenges are designed to be reassuringly un-challenging and enjoyable! Invite your friends to do stuff, pray for opportunities, and let God do the rest.

(If you used the animated challenges last year, they will be the same, but expanded and updated to cover 7 Sundays rather than 5)


50-days-cinema-stillWeek 1, below, can be shown on Easter Sunday. Each subsequent video will become available on our vimeo page and on this website during the week before the Sunday when we’re hoping it will be shown in churches and shared via social media. All the videos are less than a minute long. To download, click on the word ‘vimeo’ to view the video on a page with a download button.

50 days of good news week 1 from Ruth Whiter on Vimeo.

During week 7, in the run up to Pentecost, we’ll be focussing on Archbishop Justin Welby’s call to prayer across the globe, Thy Kingdom Come.