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From Iain Hoskins, Gas Green Baptist Church

Choir invitation

Gas Green Baptist Church is part of the Gas Green Community, so how do we engage with the community? Not by just holding services because they don’t always connect with where people are. We need to engage with peoples aspirations. Choirs are currently popular, people like to sing, people want to be a part of something popular, people themselves want to FEEL GOOD.
The choir has time boundaries of number of days and hours of practice agreed by the choir. 8 week terms of 2 hours per evening ending with a concert. The welcome must be genuine and non threatening through a positive environment, nice cakes, tea coffee any age, gender, singing ability, no one cannot sing, everyone welcome.
Our experience at Gas Green was the community came because they could walk to the venue, strangers became friends, new relationships with Community and Community leaders were established the confidence of the members of Gas Green grew enabling them to see mission, not as something you have to be an expert in, but in relationship. The choir will be back in April for a concert celebrating the Queens 90th birthday.